Eco eBikes Rentals

Rental Rates
24 hour rental:
1 bike: $99
2 bikes: $169
6 day rental:
1 bike $339
2 bikes $579

Plus Hawaii sales tax.

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Bike Save must be purchased prior to occurrence
Bike Save without prior insurance will be $60 per occurrence within delivery boundaries

Must be 18 years of age to ride.
All rentals include helmets, bike locks, carry bags.

Delivery/pick up from Poipu/Koloa to Kapaa
Free delivery and pick up available for multi day rentals of 3 or more bikes.
A delivery fee will apply for any rentals of less than 3 bikes or one day rentals.
Delivery fee and availability outside area depending on location and number of bikes.

Deliveries scheduled in advance please!

What isĀ Bike Save and what is covered?

Bike save is a type of insurance you can add on when making your purchase. The bike save fee covers: flat tires and electronics failures within the Poipu/Koloa to Kapaa area. Our technicians will respond to bike save calls as promptly as possible, and get you back on the road. Taking the bike OUTSIDE the boundaries is not included. Please keep in mind: The bike save insurance must be purchased BEFORE your ride. If you encounter an issue outside the area, an additional fee will be charged based on the distance. If the bike runs out of battery charge outside of the boundaries it is not covered under bike save. This bike save insurance does not cover damage to the bike due to accidents or mis-use.

$10 per day, per bike,
$40 per 6 days, per bike